Canopy Covering Portable Dielectric Oil Treatment Machine

Canopy Covering Portable Dielectric Oil Treatment Machine

Canopy masking Moveable dielectric oil therapy device &lparZY-50&rpar

Collection ZY high vacuum insulating oil purifier is specially created for purifying getting older transformer oil&comma mutual inductor oil&comma switch oil&comma capacitor oil as nicely as for other electrical insulating liquids&interval The approach maintains the oil’s dielectric strength&comma removes cost-free&comma soluble drinking water&comma air-gases and particulate subject&interval

one&time period This machine is little&comma hello-efficient conveniently&time period And it can stay operated with electrical&comma vacuum oiling the electrical power products and dry moisture of power gear&period of time
two&period of time Duplex-Stereo movie evaporation technology&comma blended with exclusive and innovative dewatering&comma degassing factors&comma can speedily and effectively individual h2o&comma gasoline from oil&period of time
three&period of time Productive electric powered heating program&comma heating uniformity&comma less electricity consumption&comma risk-free&comma and reputable&period
4&time period Double-infrared liquid degree sensor&comma force protective technique to ensure the equipment operation easy and properly&period
five&time period Adopts interlocked protecting method&comma which link oil pump&comma heater and liquid level sensor&comma keeping away from blank heating&comma blank pumping&comma oil leak and electrical power leak&time period If there is any fault&comma device will be power off automatically&time period
6&time period Operating with BZ insulating oil regeneration unit to decolor &lparremove acid&comma oxide&comma free carbon&rpar and reduced dielectric decline&comma creating the treated oil more limpidity&time period

Positive aspects&colon
Collection ZY is efficient and inexpensive insulating oil purifier&interval Doplex-Stereo movie evaporation technological innovation&comma special and innovative dewatering&comma degassing parts&comma making functioning effectiveness is 3-5 tims than classic oil purifier&period of time CZPT adopts interlocked protective program&comma double-infrared liquid stage sensor and strain protecting system to make certain the machine function unattended&comma procedure simple&comma risk-free and reliable&period

Important words and phrases&colon Oil purification&comma oil filtration&comma oil processing&comma oil separation&comma oil recycling&comma oil filter&comma oil purifier&comma oil remedy&comma oil regeneration&comma oil restoration&comma oil reclamation&comma oil filtering&comma oil reclaiming&comma squander oil treatment&comma used oil recycling&comma oil recovering

Our primary merchandise&colon
1&time period Transformer Oil Purifier&colon
This sort of device is used to purify used transformer oils by vacuum separation technologies to take away water&comma gasoline&comma particles&period of time
2&period Lube Oil Purifier&colon
This machine is to filter used lube oils&comma this kind of as hydraulic oil&comma gear oil and other lubricants&period
It can properly crack emulsification and completely get rid of drinking water&comma gasoline&comma particles&time period
3&period Cooking oil recycling device&colon
This device is employed to recycle squander cooking oil&comma soiled vegetable oil&comma drainage oil&comma swill oil and animal oil and so on&period of time&comma it successfully and totally gets rid of particles&comma odor&comma drinking water&comma gas&comma and so forth&interval From waste oil&time period The dealt with oil is clear and very good odor&time period
4&interval Transformer Oil BDV Tester&colon
This tester with computerized procedure method is ued to on the web monitor transformer oil’s dielectric toughness&period of time
five&period Oil Drinking water Content material Tests CZPT&colon
This device is developed to check h2o content material in oil to make confident the oil is suited for further use&time period

Our oil filtration machines&colon
Series ZY One-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Collection ZYD Double Higher Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYB Multiply-Perform insulating oil treatment machine
Series TY Turbine Oil CZPT Apparatus
Sequence TYA Lubricating oil&sol hydraulic oil purification device
Series TYB Portable mild Gas oil purification device
Collection TYD Vacuum dehydrator
Collection TYF Phosphate ester fire-resistance oil purifier
Sequence PL Plate stress oil purifier
Collection TYD Vacuum dehydrator
Sequence EFD Explosion security filtration equipment
Collection BAM Push filtration program
Sequence ZKCC Vacuum pumping system
Collection COP Cooking oil purification device
Collection CYS Centrifugal oil purification device
Sequence JL Moveable oil filtering and oiling device
EOR sequence squander engine oil recycling technique

For much more information&comma you should do not be reluctant to speak to us&period of time

Parameters Unit ZY-6 ZY-10 ZY-twenty ZY-30 ZY-fifty ZY-one hundred ZY-a hundred and fifty ZY-two hundred ZY-three hundred
Stream charge L&solh 360 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum diploma MPa -&period06 ~ -&period095
Operating force MPa ≤ &period3 ≤ &period4 ≤ &period4 ≤ &period4 ≤ &period5 ≤ &period5 ≤ &period5 ≤ &period5 ≤ &period5
Temperature range °C 20    ~  80
Constant doing work H 150
Power offer Three   stage&comma50HZ &comma380V&lparor as for every customer need&rpar
Doing work noise dB &lpar A &rpar 60 61 63 70 70 75 70 70 70
Heating energy kW nine 11 thirteen fifteen thirty 48 fifty eight 70 85
Complete electricity kW 9&period7 twelve&period5 fourteen&period5 16&period5 33&period5 fifty three sixty five seventy six 94
Oil inlet&soloutlet    mm φ 20 25 φ 25 φ 25 φ 32 φ forty two φ fifty φ 50 φ 60
Fat Kg a hundred and fifty 230 250 270 three hundred five hundred seven hundred 900 1100
Dimension L mm 970 1050 1100 1150 1200 1600 1600 1800 1900
W mm 630 750 850 900 950 one thousand 1100 1200 1200
H mm 900 1300 1400 1450 1500 1800 1800 1900 1900

Ensure Value

Merchandise Promise indexes
Humidity content material ≤ 5PPM
Impurity measurement ≤ 1 micron
Gasoline content ≤ &period1&percnt
Breakdown voltage &geq 70

Canopy Covering Portable Dielectric Oil Treatment Machine