Chinese Herbal Extractor for Root Flower Rose Tea Leave Licorice Stevia

Chinese Herbal Extractor for Root Flower Rose Tea Leave Licorice Stevia

CZPT Steel Microwave Chinese Herb Extractor Extraction CZPT For Root Flower Rose Tea Go away Licorice Stevia


This herb extractor is suitable for extracting component from herbs (leaves, root, flower orseed)like licorice, stevia, senna and so on and other botanical.It also can realize the solvent recovery and the essential oil collection and it is especially suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research etc.

Framework Drawing:


This herb extractor and concentrator consist of extractor, concentrator, receiver, condenser, cooler, pipes, valves, meters, h2o-oil separator, filter, vacuum pump, transfer pump, and so on.

First you put the herb (leaves, root, flower or seed )into extractor, add water or other solvent( like alcohol) into extractor. Then heat the extractor, the component from herb will dissolved into water or solvent, after extraction, then pump the extracted liquid into the concentrator, evaporate the water or solvent( like alcohol) which will be cooled by condenser and flow to receiver , the solvent can be used again next time. the component in concentrator will became into cream or liquid which you need.
one It is new type gear at current, this tools is specially suitable for medium pharmaceutical manufacturing unit or modest pharmaceutical factory, healthcare facility, academe and so on. It is specially used for creating little good quality but large top quality herb.
2 It can be warmth by steam or electric powered, if the consumer have not steam boiler, they can heat the device by electric. 
three Preserve time: the extracting and concentration can be operated at the exact same time, so it save much time, prior to the concentration need to be operated right after extraction. 
4 Conserve vitality: the steam from concentrator can heat the extractor directly so we can help save 50% steam, so a single 12 months you can preserve cash from steam which can acquire one device once again.
5 The extraction or focus can be operated below vacuum,  if the herb is delicate to substantial temperature,  so it can be operated underneath vacuum, so the herb can not be burned by large temperature, CZPT the solvent can be evaporating under lower temperature if the machine is functioning under vacuum, so it will conserve time and strength also.
6 All the equipment have not dead corner, so it is very good to cleanse and it is in accordance GMP CZPT. 
7 All floor of the device is mirror polished, so it is appears very beautiful.
8 The temperature can be adjusted, you can adjust the temperature according to your need, for illustration you want to warmth the equipment 100degree, you just set the temperature 100degree, the heating can be stop when the temperature is 100degree, if it is reduce 96degree, it can be heating again. 


Model Items TD-20 TD-fifty TD-100 TD-two hundred TD-300 TD-five hundred
Extractor (L)  20 50 100 two hundred three hundred 500
evaporator(L)  twenty 50 a hundred 200 300 500
Working pressure in jacket <0.1Mpa
Working pressure in pot(Mpa)  Usual pressure or Negative pressure
Extract Temperature(ºC)  40-a hundred
Heat Medium Steam / Hot water/hot oil
Vacuum pump model SK-.four 2X-two.2KW 2X-two.2KW 2X-3KW 2X-3KW 2X-4KW
CZPTtric power(kw)  .37 .37 .37 .37 .37 .55
Temperature scope -200ºC
Total electric power(kw)  six+six 12+12 fifteen+15 eighteen+eighteen 24+36 36+48
Material CZPT steel

Order requirement:
How a lot liter of this machine do you require?we have 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L …….10000L and so on
What way do you heat the device? By electric or steam?
What is your uncooked material? Is it leaves, stem, Flower or root?
What last product do you want to get? Liquid? Cream or powder?
What materials of the equipment do you need? CZPT steel 304 or stainless steel 316, equally are GMP necessity.
When do you require this equipment?  

Our service:
one We can style the equipment according to your prerequisite and we can style the approach in accordance to your technologies process.
two We manufacture the device according to GMP CZPT, all the equipment welding will be tested by X ray screening. 
3 We will pack the device by movie and then pack it by picket box, load the equipment to container by unique engineer.
four Engineer will put in the device according to your manufacturing space and layout, examination the machine 
5 We will offer on the web service if you have any inquiries, you can send out electronic mail and get in touch with us or send out message by will give you suggestion.
6 We can supply you elements in the potential.



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Chinese Herbal Extractor for Root Flower Rose Tea Leave Licorice Stevia