DC Vane Rotary Fuel Transfer Pump

DC Vane Rotary Fuel Transfer Pump

1.Merchandise Description                                                          

  • Introduction

DYB-forty-DC ogm diesel pump assy . It is typically combined with 4M rubber supply hose2M plastic suction hose11A auto nozzle four-digit flowmeterDYB-forty-DC pumpBracket. Easy installation, can rapidly connected to fuel or oil drum, lower functioning expense, little dimension, the pump can select substantial precision oval equipment flowmeter and motors.Soon after all, it is fairly a useful option for diesel/kerosene transfering.


  • Attributes

a.  solid irom pump entire body finished with anti-corrosion discomfort

b.  straightforward carrying and extensive application in different excvavtors, land levellers, pavers, road rollers, and so on.

c.  flexible alternative for the pumps and meters, as properly as the bracket

d.  for diesel/kerosene transfer


  • CZPT Requirements
  Product Number   PA-DYB-forty-DC
  Inlet&Outlet Measurement   1′
  Flowrate   5-40 lpm
  Energy   12v/24v
  Software Media   kerosene, diesel
  Temperature   -25ºC-+55ºC 
  Accuray   ±1%
  Sution/Lead   3M/15M
  Dimension   40x35x31 cm
  Package   1 laptop/carton


DC Vane Rotary Fuel Transfer Pump