Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump for Milking Machines

Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump for Milking Machines

Dry Varying Pitch CZPT Vacuum Pump


1.Large pressure time period of pumping velocity is fast, minimal electricity and low sounds. 

2.Can pick drinking water in accordance with the method/setting need (explosion) or air cooled motor (explosion).

three.Air cooled motor design can match the circulating cooling program, can use in the absence of cooling water program of the surroundings.

4.PD various pitch series, minimal vitality intake, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and save price.


one.TFT-Lcd,Contact Panel.


3.Metallurgical Technique.


five.Plasma processes.

six.Drying Method.




CZPT Prameters

Model Device DS180 DS250 DS360 DS540 DS720
Pumping Velocity(50/60Hz) m3/h 250/three hundred 396/475 540/650 720/860 1080/1290
L/min 4200/5000 6600/7920 9000/10800 12000/14400 18000/21600
L/S 70/eighty four one hundred ten/132 150/180 two hundred/240 300/360
Uitimate Force(fifty/60Hz) mbar .02/.01
Torr .015/.0075
Pa two/one
Electrical power(kW)fifty/60Hz five.five/7.five seven.five/seven.five 11/15 fifteen/fifteen 22/22
Velocity(RPM)50/60Hz 2900/3500
Inlet Diameter(mm) fifty 65 70 ninety one hundred
outlet Diameter(mm) 40 forty fifty five 65 65
Equipment Chamber Oil Capability (L) .eighty five .eighty five one.4 2 two
CZPT Water L/min 2.5 2.six two.8 three four
gal/min .67 .seven .seventy five .eight one.07
Bodyweight(Kg) 295 350 480 520 680
Sounds(dB(A)) seventy five seventy three seventy five seventy eight 80
Procedure Temp(ºC) five-40
Procedure Moisture 90.00%

About CZPT



Q : How several staff in CZPT Group?
A : About 400.

Q : How several employees in your manufacturing facility?
A : About 70.

Q : How a lot of personnel in your worldwide trading company?
A : 20.We have salesman who can speak English,French,Russian,Spanish,Indonesian and Arabic.

Q : What’s your factory’s production potential?
A : About 500 models per thirty day period.

Q : What’s the revenue volume of CZPT Group in a year?
A : About USD forty,000,000.00 in 2014.

Q : What’s the sales quantity of your global buying and selling company  in a year?
A : About USD eight,000,000.00 in 2014,twenty% of the Team once-a-year revenue.

Q : How a lot of models does CZPT export in one thirty day period?
A : About 50-one hundred.

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Website: http://www.CZPT.net

Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump for Milking Machines