Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump

Item Overview
ISW series solitary stage solitary suction horizontal centrifugal pump is a substantial-successful, energy-preserving merchandise productively created by indicates of adopting the house info of IS design centrifugal pump and strictly in accordance with ISO2858 entire world CZPT and the latest nationwide CZPT JB/T53058-ninety three and an ideal product to replace IS horizontal pump, DL model pump and other regular pumps.

1. Impeller mounted directly on the extended axis of the motor, pump and motor bearing arrangement is sensible, pump procedure can properly stability the radial and axial masses, hence guaranteeing the smooth procedure of the pump, tiny vibration and lower sounds.
2. CZPT shaft seal, use of imported titanium alloy seal ring, medium and substantial temperature mechanical seal with carbide supplies, anti-sporting no leakage.
3. Simple installation and routine maintenance, no need to have to open up pipeline program, the rotation components of the pump can be pulled out by getting rid of the screws on the pump.
four. In accordance to the wants of circulation and head, the pump can be utilized in sequence or parallel operation method.

Operating Conditions
one. Suction strain ≤ one.0MPa, the greatest pump method functioning pressure≤ one.6MPa, the pump hydrostatic check stress ≤ 2.5MPa.
2. Ambient temperature <40 º C, relative humidity≤ 40%.
three. Material of solid particles in the medium per unit quantity does not exceed .one%, particle measurement <0.2mm.

1. ISW kind centrifugal pump for conveying drinking water or other liquids that physical and chemical properties equivalent to h2o, like industrial and urban drinking water offer and drainage, substantial-rise building pressurized water, yard irrigation, hearth boost, lengthy-length transportation, CZPT refrigeration cycle, bathroom and heating tools for pressurized water circulation, temperature <80 º C.

two. ISWR kind very hot h2o pump is utilised in metallurgy, chemical sector, textile, wood processing, paper and restaurants, bathrooms, resorts and other substantial-temperature very hot drinking water boiler loop pressurized transportation and urban housing heating circulating pump, temperature under 120 º C.

three. ISWH variety chemical pump for conveying liquids with no solid particles, corrosive, viscosity comparable to water, which is used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electricity, paper, meals sectors such as prescription drugs and artificial fibers, temperature is -twenty ~ 120 º C.

four. ISWY type explosion-evidence pumps for the transport of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other petroleum items, medium temperature of -20 ~ + one hundred twenty º C.

5. ISWHY kind stainless metal explosion-evidence chemical centrifugal pump for conveying flammable and explosive chemical liquids.

six. The over product pump with low-pace motor, appropriate for instances that call for lower sound, and air conditioning h2o circulation, and so forth.

Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump