Hydraulic Orbit Motor Omh160 200 250 315 400 500, Bmh Hydromotor for Rotary Actuator

Hydraulic Orbit Motor Omh160 200 250 315 400 500, Bmh Hydromotor for Rotary Actuator


MH and BMH orbital motors are reduced pace and compact style models. Distribution valve is integrated with output shaft. BMH are developed for medium responsibility cycle. For hefty responsibility purposes MH motors are advisable. Equally BMH and MH sequence are used in industrial machines.

Rotational speed variety: from five through 445 rpm maximum steady force: up to one hundred seventy five bar.

Minimal start-up pressure
Shaft seal can bear large again pressure
The motor can be used in parallel or series configuration
Distribution system can meet up with the demands of minimal sound units
Compact volume and straightforward installation
High torque.         


Type  OMH
five hundred
Displacement (cc/rev) 203.2 255.9 316.5 406.four 489.two
Max torque
cont 510 621 740 850 830
inter 439 348 282 220 184
Max pressure
cont seventeen.5 17.five 17.5 15.5 twelve.five
inter twenty 20 20 19 16
Max speed rate
cont 366 290 236 183 155
inter 439 348 282 220 184
Max flow
cont seventy five 75 seventy five 75 seventy five
inter ninety 90 90 90 ninety
Weight  (kg)
10.five 11 eleven.five 12.3 thirteen.

Company Informations

HangZhou CZPT CZPTry & CZPTtronics Co., Ltd

Manufacturing images

Screening CZPTs

These motors can be utilized in industrial equipment (e.g. conveyors), mining machinery (e.g. drills, winches), operating equipment (e.g. bulldozers, crushers) and in shipbuilding industry (e.g. control methods, propellers) and so forth. 

Packing & Shipping
CZPT Particulars: Size: one.2 (L) *.8(W) * .8 (D)
1. 30/fifty/100pcs wood case 
two. 100pcs plastic/wooden pallet.
3. one piece seperate weeden situation. 

one. MOQ is 1pc, cost is more favorable for large quantity.
two. Foremost time is inside 3days if have stock. If don’t, in 30days if the quantity is less than 500pcs.
three. DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNTetc, usually 5-7 days to arrive. 
four. By sea/air, FOB/CIF trade etc, is normally twenty-30days.

Our guarantee
1,sample service: samples can provide preferential.
two,CZPT services:a variety of motors can be CZPT according to customer demad.
3,Aftermarket service: according to consumer requirements, technical guidance on the useand other aspects. In case of quality problems under normal use, free replacement within one year of free maintenance for life.

Payment terms
one,Small amount accept Paypal
3,Large orders We usually accept T/T(with 30% deposit,the balance before shipment)

CZPT professionally provide hydraulic orbit motor OMM/BMM, OMR/BMR, OMP/BMP,  OMSY/BMSY, OMH/BMH, BMT/OMT, OMV/BMV, BMK2, BMK6, BMER hydraulic gerotor motor. To replace CZPT, Eaton Charlynn, M+S, Parker, White.
CZPT vane pump: CZPT T6series, CZPT V/VQ series, CZPT PV2R series, Tokimec SQP sequence.
CZPT oil cooler which includes air cooler and water tube sort oil cooler.
CZPT radial piston motor and axial piston motor/pump.

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Hydraulic Orbit Motor Omh160 200 250 315 400 500, Bmh Hydromotor for Rotary Actuator