Pneumatic Conveying System Three Lobes Roots Blower

Pneumatic Conveying System Three Lobes Roots Blower


one.  CZPTential force scope: nine.8-88.2kPa air capability scope: .2-824m3/min 

2.  Provides fully oil-free of charge air. 

three.  Reduced oscillation and lower sounds by full balancing.

four.  Modest adjust in potential in opposition to alter in stress.

5.  High effectiveness thanks to a specific profile. 

six.  Simple construction, free from problems.

7.  Greatest high quality pilot & Accurate great applied, long daily life, and reduced noise assured. 

8.  Standardized merchandise with rigorous top quality handle.

nine.  Our rotor has used the most superior-a single time for all operating processes of the 4-Shaft approach, to increase the precision of the remaining wheel. 


Item Roots Blower
Software CZPT conveying

Dust assortment

Bulk substance dealing with

Sewage remedy

Certification CE RoHS SGS
Usage Aeration and vacuum suction blower
Stage One / Double Phase Air Blower
Merchandise Key phrases air blower   



Wastewater remedy Dust amassing soon after burning 
CZPT of dust collection 
Vacuum dehydration for dying, paper industry
Ventilation, desolates, CZPT caring
Exhausting and drying, Air transportation 
Fuel, bulk conveyance, CZPT
A conveyance by air, Liquid agitation 





Pneumatic Conveying System Three Lobes Roots Blower