Roots Oil Seal Rotary Dry Screw Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Pharmaceutical Industry

Roots Oil Seal Rotary Dry Screw Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Pharmaceutical Industry

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technical information:

material: forged iron,  flow: 280m3/h electricity: 185kw temperature of air: –80C
sediment content of h2o: max 350g/m3,  PH: 2—10

The operating principle of roots pump is edited.
In the Roots pump cavity, two “8” formed rotors are mounted vertically on a pair of parallel axles, and the reverse synchronous rotation is driven by a pair of gears with a transmission ratio of one. There is a clearance between the rotor and the interior wall of the pump housing, which can recognize high pace operation. Because roots pump is used in collection.

Usage: Extraction of groundwater, marine platforms, mining, constructing h2o source, agricultural irrigation, landscape design, hearth security methods, geothermal springs, reverse osmosis programs
Submersible pumps engage in an crucial function in manufacturing and life. We must spend focus to the adhering to factors when making use of them.

1st, when picking submersible pumps, we should shell out attention to its sort, flow and elevate. If the specifications are not suited, it will not be able to get adequate water output and the performance of the device can not be introduced into enjoy. In addition, we should also know the direction of rotation of the motor, some types of submersible pumps can be reversed when the forward and reverse h2o, but reversal of water output is modest, big current, its reversal will harm the motor winding. CZPTtric leakage safety switch need to be mounted to avert electric leakage accident of submersible pump when operating underneath h2o.
Two. When setting up small submersible pump, the cable ought to be overhead and the electricity twine ought to not be way too prolonged. When the device is released, do not pressure the cable, so as not to cause the power wire to break. The submersible pump should not sink into the mud, otherwise it will cause undesirable heat dissipation and burn up the motor winding.
Three, consider to keep away from starting at reduced voltage. Power supply voltage and rated voltage can not be ten%, too large voltage will result in motor overheating and burn up out the winding, as well minimal voltage will reduce the motor velocity, this sort of as significantly less than 70% of the rated pace, the commence of the centrifugal change will be shut, resulting in long-term energy on the start-up winding and even burn off out the windings and capacitors. Do not switch the motor often, this is due to the fact when the pump stops managing, there will be reflux. If you commence the motor immediately, the load will start off, ensuing in excessive beginning existing and burning out the winding.
4. Do not allow the pump lengthy-expression overload procedure, do not pump sediment-laden water, pump dehydration operation time need to not be also lengthy, in order to keep away from the motor overheating and burning. Throughout the procedure of the device, the operator need to constantly observe regardless of whether the running voltage and recent are within the specified values on the nameplate. If not, the motor should be stopped, discover out the lead to and troubleshoot.
Fifth, normally check out the motor, this sort of as located cracks in the decrease cover, rubber seal ring hurt or failure, must be replaced or repaired in time to waterproof infiltration equipment.

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Roots Oil Seal Rotary Dry Screw Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Pharmaceutical Industry