Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump


1.2SK/SK vacuum pump suction sewage milking liquid ring vacuum pump is largely used to pump air and other fuel which is small corrosive, insoluble in water & with minor solid.

two. The water enter into the pump revolve with higher velocity to form strain and closed h2o cavity to get away air from container in suction end.

3. Pump with double stage construction is increased vacuum degree, greater pumping speed, compact construction, dependable procedure, simple running & maintenance.

4. China vacuum pump is commonly used in food sector, textile business, medication industry, chemical sector, dipping, drying or other craft processes


Merchandise details:

Functioning Principle: Drinking water ring vacuum pump
Primary programs:   Air & Fuel
CZPTr: CZPTtric motor
Electricity Specs: 380/415V 3phase 220/240V 1phase 50hz/60hz
Max.permissible fluid temperature: 50°C(122°F)
Kind of relationship: Flange
Set up position: Horizontal
Casing elements content: Forged iron, stainless metal
Shaft seal kind:    CZPT seal, Packing seal
Free passage:   0mm
Constrained vacuum: -.097Mpa(-.97bar)
Greatest travel ranking:   55KW(75HP)
Greatest caliber:    125mm(5inch)
Movement price selection:    fifty four-1800m3/h(237.six-7920US.GPM)




Overall performance information:

Design Pumping ability(mthree/min) Ultimate vacuum   stress Motor energy Speed Water intake Diameter(mm)

When   the suction strain is -.093MPa




(KW) (r/min) (L/min) Inlet Outlet
2SK-1.five one.5 .nine -.097(-725) four 1440 ten-fifteen 40 40
2SK-three 3 2 -.097(-725) 7.5 1440 fifteen-20 forty forty
2SK-6 six 4 -.098(-735) 15 1460 twenty five-35 50 fifty
2SK-12 12 8 -.098(-735) 22 970 40-50 one hundred 100
2SK-20 twenty fourteen -.098(-735) 45 740 60-80 one hundred twenty five 125
2SK-30 30 twenty -.098(-735) fifty five 741 sixty-80 a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five



Company information:
ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is 1 of the top producers and exporters in the subject of market pumps with production facilities in mainland China. We are specialised in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel engine pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so on.

Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump