Stainless Steel High Pressure Sanitary Food Grade Honey Chocolate Strawberry Jam Cam Rotor Pump

Stainless Steel High Pressure Sanitary Food Grade Honey Chocolate Strawberry Jam Cam Rotor Pump

Short introduction:

LQ3A stainless metal sanitary cam kind double rotor pump is a multi-purpose two-way positive displacement pump. The specialist producing technology and manufacturing precision of the products have achieved the global sophisticated amount.

     The merchandise adopts two synchronous rotors. The rotor is pushed by a pair of synchronous gears in the tank. The rotor is rotated in the opposite path by the major and auxiliary shafts, which brings about the quantity of the pump to adjust, therefore forming a large Vacuum and discharge stress, specifically suitable for the shipping and delivery of hygienic media and corrosive large viscosity media.

     The production CZPTs of this merchandise are divided into two sequence: sanitary grade and corrosion resistant the structure is divided into two classes: large pressure, substantial viscosity, high force and lower viscosity. The sealing gadget of the main parts of the product is produced according to the distinct traits of diverse media, making use of diverse resources and different sealing varieties, which increases the expert conveying overall performance of the solution.


Flow rate: Q= .1~336 (m³/h)
Circulation for each one hundred Rotation(L): three~two hundred
Recommendation Rotation Speed(rpm two hundred/four hundred/five hundred
Design temperature: T=-twenty~150ºC
Max. Viscosity: 1~one million cp
Pump diameter: fifty~350mm


Gas-liquid two-period seal technological innovation: it adopts the particular mechanical seal designed by CZPT domestic mechanical seal authorities, with distinctive sealing floor framework, sufficient lubrication, no air resistance, and ample cooling medium convection, which can efficiently avoid dry grinding, high temperature, cracking and failure of sealing area, and ensure the normal operation of pump unit. No clogging, sturdy passability: ordinary plastic luggage, woven bags, sand, mud, hair and other sundry will not affect the use of the pump.


The complete body employs the stainless steel resources, equipping with widespread or anti-explosion electric motor. It truly is suited for conveying liquid supplies in a variety of locations and tends to make sure the generation treatment in accordance with GMP top quality CZPT.
. Configuration:


one.   CZPTeum software:Exploitation, storage and transportation of crude oil, hefty oil, hefty oil, oil, polymers, suspended solids, latex and soda-sound mixtures.
2.  Paper application:pulp, suspension, printing and dyeing paste, paint, fiber, ink, viscose, and so on.
3.  foods software:Jams, dairy products, fiber syrups, syrups, foodstuff components, inventory remedies, and many others.
four.  Measure lime slurry, activated carbon, flocculant, conveying major sludge, concentrated sludge, digested sludge, h2o sludge, sedimentation sludge, scum, and many others.
5.  Sewage from ships, bilge sludge, offshore oil, transportation of crude oil, lubricants, chemical raw components, and so forth.


Stainless Steel High Pressure Sanitary Food Grade Honey Chocolate Strawberry Jam Cam Rotor Pump