Vd-Back Pressure Difference Carrot Puff Machinery

Vd-Back Pressure Difference Carrot Puff Machinery

VD-Again stress big difference  carrot puff equipment

one. CZPT Introduction
The vacuum cryogenic growth technology, particularly force differential expansion, also named air growth and explosion spray drying (Explosion puffing drying), is largely utilized in the creation of puffed fruit and vegetable crisp chips. The items include no oil and any additives, which keep away from the difficult issue of large oil articles and brief storage period for vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips, and the vacuum cryogenic products are prosperous in protein, amino acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals and other vitamins are normal meals.The vacuum enlargement unit is made up of growth tank device, vacuum pump, CZPT, large caliber valve, and electrical control cabinet, electronic exhibit temperature instrument, pipeline and handle technique and other parts.

1.one Simple Work Theory
The vacuum low temperature puffing system is mainly composed of a stress tank and a vacuum tank which is 5-10 occasions larger than the strain tank. Following pretreatment, the fruit and vegetable raw materials were dried to humidity content of fifteen%-25% (the h2o articles of various fruits and greens is different). Then, fruits and vegetables are positioned in a force tank. By heating and pressing, the evaporation and flashing of water in fruits and vegetables out of the blue to achieve the goal of expansion of fruit and vegetable cells.

2. Software

three.  VD-Back again Strain CZPTence Vacuum Puffing CZPT Parameter

Model PHJ-600-two PHJ-1200-2 PHJ-1200-4
Materials Foodstuff quality 304 stainless steel Food grade 304 stainless metal Foodstuff quality 304 stainless steel
Vacuum pot size 3600*1000mm(Diameter) 5500*1800mm(Diameter) 10000*1800mm(Diameter)
Vacuum pot plate thickness 8mm 8mm 8mm
Flash evaporation pot dimension 1650*600mm(Diameter) 2800*1200mm(Diameter) 2800*1200mm(Diameter)
Flash evaporation pot thickness 6mm 6mm 6mm
Heating manner Steam Steam Steam
Steam intake 60kg/h 160kg/h 320kg/h
Flash evaporation pot doorway open mode Manually Manually Manually
Capacity 3kg/ pot for material
Complete 6kg/batch
40kg/ pot for materials
Complete 80kg/batch
40kg/ pot for material
Total 160kg/batch
Processing time According to the products According to the merchandise In accordance to the items
Vacuum pot cooling manner Drinking water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Thermal insulation substance Rock wool Rock wool Rock wool
Thickness of insulation layer 50mm 50mm 50mm
Vacuum pump energy 14kw/set 1set 19kw/established 1set 19kw/established 2set

3.1 PHJ-600-2 VD-Back Pressure CZPTence Vacuum Puffing CZPT Picture

PHJ-1200-two VD-Again Stress CZPTence Vacuum Puffing CZPT Picture

PHJ-1200-four VD-Again Pressure CZPTence Vacuum Puffing CZPT Image

4. Packing and CZPT

5. Company Info
ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd., located in HangZhou Metropolis, ZheJiang CZPT, specializes in the manufacturing of meals machinery, specializing in Analysis and CZPT for pasteurization cooling washing  selection drying line for tiny bag packaged products bottled tunnel sterilization line multi-purpose air bubble washing device central kitchen corollary equipment imitation German horizontal vortex spiral washing equipment clear vegetable processing line fruit and fish canned products deep processing line fruit and vegetable crisp chips deep processing line dehydrated vegetable processing line mushroom sauce processing line fruit and vegetable enzyme generation line VD again stress differential vacuum puff machine VF vacuum fryer FD vacuum freeze dryer brush washing machine brush washing and peeling machine different fruits, jujube, purple dates, roots, seafood large pressure air bubble vegetable washing line multi-layer drying line all sorts of nuts, Chinese organic medicine, dried fruits and veggies, mosaics, aquatic goods air vitality drying devices air drying strains frozen foodstuff defrosting, washing and pre-cooking lines halogen merchandise washing traces bottled items washing strains Baggage washing line vibrating sieve numerous kinds of box washing equipment and numerous stainless metal auxiliary gear. Our merchandise are nicely marketed equally in domestic and overseas market. By now we have various types of machinery generating products, can satisfy diverse customers’ needs.
We have passed ISO9001 and CE certification. We have  more than 30 patents and self-managerial import&export authority. We can also style, customise&put in task on the spot. To adapt the advancement and market need to have, we set up a prime-position contemporary manufacturing base and revenue community coated worldwide market place. Our merchandise are exported to The CZPT States, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, India, Africa, CZPTe, CZPT Asia and other countries.

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Vd-Back Pressure Difference Carrot Puff Machinery