Water Ring Pump Used for Vacuum Drying

Water Ring Pump Used for Vacuum Drying


CZPT Name: 2BVA Series H2o Ring Vacuum Pump

Operating Theory
2BVA series vacuum pump suitable for pumping gas and water vapor, inspiratory pressure can reach 33 mbar definitely pressure (vacuum degree 97%). 

 When the vacuum pump prolonged-time period work beneath the problem of pressure reduced than 80 mbar,  gas corrosion defense tube shall be connected to the pump to defend the pump.

 Equiped with air injector, inspiratory pressure can reach 10 mbar. Injector can be directly installed on the vacuum pump. 

 When used as compressor, the biggest pressure can be 0.26 mbar (pabs).

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1. Coaxial pump and immediate link design and style, preserving place, easy to set up


2. Adopt mechanical seal as CZPT configuration, to remove leakage, straightforward maintenance


3. Easy procedure, sounds can be as lower as 62 decibels


4. Uniform anti-corrosion style, bronze impeller enhances the corrosion resistance of the pump,


five. CZPT steel substance is far more appropriate for the a lot more demanding operate setting


6. Distinctive flexible vent design, will not likely  produce above compression, to make sure the very best effectiveness of 2BVA in its performance assortment.



Product Motor Power Max Pumping Potential Greatest Strain Operating Liquid Circulation Sounds Rotary Speed Weight Ultimate Stress with Main Jet Pump
2BVA-2060 .81KW 27m3/h 33hpa .12m3/h 62dB(A) 2880r/min 20KG 10hpa
2BVA-2061 1.45KW 52m3/h 33hpa .12m3/h 65dB(A) 2880r/min 22KG 10hpa
2BVA-2070 2.35KW 80m3/h 33hpa .15m3/h 66dB(A) 2880r/min 31KG 10hpa
2BVA-2071 3.85KW 110m3/h 33hpa .25m3/h 72dB(A) 2880r/min 42KG 10hpa
2BVA-5110 4KW 165m3/h 33hpa .4m3/h 63dB(A) 1450r/min 78KG 10hpa
2BVA-5111 5.5KW 230m3/h 33hpa .5m3/h 68dB(A) 1450r/min 100KG 10hpa
2BVA-5121 7.5KW 280m3/h 33hpa .6m3/h 69dB(A) 1450r/min 145KG 10hpa
2BVA-5131 11KW 400m3/h 33hpa .9m3/h 73dB(A) 1450r/min 165KG 10hpa
2BVA-5161 15KW 500m3/h 33hpa 1.2m3/h 74dB(A) 980r/min 252KG 10hpa


H2o ring vacuum pumps and compressors are commonly used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, sugar industry, and other fields, simply because during the functioning method, the compression method of gasoline is isothermal, so it is not easy to produce risk when pumping flammable and explosive gasoline compression, thus its application much more commonly.

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Water Ring Pump Used for Vacuum Drying