Water Ring Vacuum Pump Sk-a

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Sk-a

*Our star item*
single stage h2o ring vacuum pump.
The vacuum pump can be employed on plastic Pipe/profile extrusion line.
It is developed specifically for the use of plastics sector

Our benefit: 

One stage, Threaded relationship

With coating disposal within the pump body to keep away from scaling and have lengthier life time. 

Double sealed: CZPT sealed and oil sealed

Can perform continually and can commence when halting for prolonged time


Brief introduction     
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump     Alternative
SK Thread relationship liquid ring vacuum pump CZPT sealed, broadly employed in Foodstuff,Drugs Bundle, Disinfectant, CZPT, Dyeing, Weaving, CZPT CZPT Forged iron/SS
SK-A Thread relationship liquid ring vacuum pump, coat disposal Specifically made for CZPT CZPT, coat disposal inside the pump cavity, can perform repeatedly, resolve the problem of critically scaling in tough water problem, can start when halting for a long time  
SK-C Thread link liquid ring vacuum pump, coat disposal, higher vacuum larger vacuum diploma than SK-A  
SK-D Flange relationship liquid ring vacuum pump Added flanged fitting primarily based on SK-A Collection Solid iron/SS
SK-E Flange connection liquid ring vacuum pump, greater vacuum increased vacuum degree than SK-D  
2SK-B Two stage liquid ring vacuum pump Two-stage Strap drived, High Final Vacuum,CZPT-conserving, Low Noise. Forged iron/SS
2BEA/2BEC medium/big dimension liquid ring vacuum pump Utilized broadly at paper mill, chemical, petrification, medicines manufacture, meals, metallurgy etc Cast iron/SS
Drinking water pump  
IZ/BL Centrifugal drinking water pump    


Name SK-.15A SK-.3A SK-.5A SK-.8A SK-2A SK-3A
Extract Capacity .15M three /min .3M 3 /min .5M three /min .8M three /min 2.0M 3 /min 3.0M 3 /min
Final Vacuum -.095Mpa -.095Mpa -.095Mpa -.095Mpa -.095Mpa -.095Mpa
Electrical power Output .55KW   1.1KW one.5KW 2.2KW four.0KW five.5KW
Inlet Diameter:Inch G3/4″ G1″ G1″ G1″ G1 one/two” G2″
Outlet Diameter:Inch G3/four” G1″ G1″ G1″ G1 1/two” G2″
Fat 14KG 33KG 34KG 37KG 60KG 105KG
Measurement 381*170*217 460*a hundred and eighty*235 485*180*235 480*185*235 560*220*236 645*310*323
Amount of employing water 6L/Min 9.5L/Min 10L/Min 12.5L/Min 8L/Min 25L/Min
Sound <72dB(A) <75dB(A) <75dB(A) <75dB(A) <80dB(A) <80dB(A)
Pace(r/min) 2825 2840 2840 2840 2880 1440

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Sk-a