Ultrasonic Automatic Washing Machine of Oral Liquid

Ultrasonic Automatic Washing Machine of Oral Liquid

With a vertical rotary drum structure, the device adopts mechanical fingers to clamp and switch bottles, whilst the spray tube carries out the reciprocating monitoring approach. Taking advantage of the ultrasonic washing and water & fuel alternating jetting washing, the entire automated production procedure involves bottle feeding, ultrasonic washing, exterior washing, interior washing and bottle discharging. The total transfer process simulates the equipment external engagement basic principle.The device has attributes this kind of as lower bottles’ breakage rate, very good adaptability and stable working while there is no cross contamination of h2o and fuel pipes, so the equipment completely fulfills the GMP needs.

CZPT Parameters

Item design QCL60
Relevant specs(ml) 2-twenty five
Output(CZPT/min) 200-three hundred
Experienced price of bottle washing cleanness(%) > ninety nine
Breakage price(%) < 0.3
H2o use .four-.6m3/h @ 0.2-.3mpa
Gas use 40-50m3/h @ 0.25-.35mpa
All round proportions(L × W × H)(mm) 2099 × 2003 × 1169
Fat(kg) 2000
Electricity offer 380V/50Hz
Electrical power(kw) 17.six


Δ     The two-segment mesh belt composition is adopted for bottle feeding to guarantee that the bottles have suffic ient             thrust in drinking water and no bottle scarcity will take place at the screw.
Δ     The buffer system is established at the screw bottle feed ing area to make certain no bottle breakage at the bottle feeding           place and the wear of screw. The screw is created of innoxious and air pollution-free polyformaldehyde. The                 central shaft is produced of stainless metal for fu rther reinforcement in order to make certain no deformation of the             screw.
Δ       It is provided with a system that helps prevent the needle holder fromshaking to enhance the precision of the                spray needle’s insertion into the bottle and decrease the incidence of needle breakage.
Δ      The prolonged rod of the mechanical hand and the massive disc are provided with the oil leakage avoidance               composition to guarantee that the lubrication oil will not pollute the water tank.
In accordance to consumer requirements , We can also provide the following:
1    Control method of this kind of brands as Siements ,Schneider , Mitsubishi, Delta,and and so on.
2     Water force ,air pressure , water temperature , ultrasonic toughness , dust partivles and                wind speed on-line inspection , alarming , recording and printing technique

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Ultrasonic Automatic Washing Machine of Oral Liquid