Zqsubmersible Slurry Pump

Zqsubmersible Slurry Pump


ZQ(R) sequence of slurry pumps are hydraulic products composed of coaxial motors and pumps that are submerged in the fluid to operate.These pumps are characterized by exclusive composition wide passage, higher capacity of removing sewage, and higher top quality materials, providing outstanding corrosion resistance.They are suitable for transferring the liquid that contains solid particles, like sand, coal slag, and tailings, and eliminating slurries in metallurgical vegetation,mines, steel mills, or electrical power crops, as an perfect substitute to classic pumps for taking absent slurries.

These pumps are developed by the company by absorbing internationally advanced systems, and using wear-resistant supplies, which significantly increase the service daily life and reduce the routine maintenance workload. The pump involves a established of agitating impellers at the base, aside from the major impeller, which develop turbulence for precipitated slurries, and therefore permit transportation of higher-density fluids without having the support of any auxiliary unit. The pump also requires a special sealing device, which can properly harmony the force inside and outside the oil chamber, as a result trying to keep stability in between the force at the two ends of the mechanical sealing, making sure the reliability of the mechanical sealing as significantly as feasible, and therefore drastically extending its services lifestyle. On ask for,the pump will come with a lot of protective measures, these kinds of as overheating safety and drinking water detecting, permitting for typical operation over prolonged intervals in harsh functioning problems. In the meantime, other protecting steps,such as anti-condensation creams for motors and bearing temperature measurement devices are available on ask for to empower regular procedure in particular conditions.

ZQR very hot h2o submersible slurry pump can remove the fluid shall less than 100 ºC. In accordance to consumers demands, which can include thermal overload security and water detection system, which can be functioning safely in harsh atmosphere for extended time.
ZQ(R) series of submersible slurry pumps have been really well-liked among customers given that launching into domestic markets.
Two. Features:    
     In comparison with widespread slurry pumps, this sequence of merchandise have a lot of rewards as follows:

one. No limitation on delivery heads, high effectiveness, and thoroughness in getting rid of sewage.

two. No auxiliary vacuum pumps is needed, bringing down the cost of possession.

3. No auxiliary agitating gadget is required, thus enabling less difficult operation.

four. No sophisticated ground safety or fixation system is essential for fastening the motor in drinking water, thus permitting for less difficult set up and upkeep.

five. As the agitating impeller is in direct contact with the area of sediments, the fluid density can be controlled by the submerged depth, therefore enabling simpler manage of density.

6. The unit is submerged in water to perform, thus creating no sounds or vibration, and producing the perform web site cleaner.

A few. Procedure Requirements:

 Provided with a 3-section AC power offer of 50HZ/60HZ,  380V/460V/660V.
 For ZQ types, the fluid shall not be substantial than forty ºC in temperature, for ZQR, the fluid shall not be high than 100 ºC in temperature, containing no flammable and explosive gases.
 The content material of sound particles in the fluid by excess weight shall not be increased than 30%, and the density of the fluid shall not be bigger than 1.2kg/l.
 The maximum submerged depth shall not be much more than 20 meters, and the minimum one shall not be considerably less than the peak of the motor.
 The pump shall run at standard situations in the fluid, in the ongoing procedure method.
 When the 1-internet site problems fail to meet up with the above needs, you should spotlight them in the get. Customization is offered.
They are suitable for delivering abrasive wear slurry for 
constructing resources,
 municipal environmental protection
and river dredging departments. 


Zqsubmersible Slurry Pump