Mute Miniature Air Pump for Sale

Mute Miniature Air Pump for Sale

Rated voltage:DC3.0v 6.0v nine.0v
Rated recent:<450mA <2200mA <110mA
Air Flow:one.-one.5LPM/min
Leakage:<6mmHg/min from 300mmHg at 100CC tank
Apply: air
Sounds:<65dB(30cm away)
Daily life examination:>30,000 Times (10s on,5s off)

Use scope:

CZPTtronic appliances. CZPT and meter. Agriculture. CZPT. CZPT sector, environmental defense/examination. The food market. The printing/photocopying. CZPT. Security. Liquid transportation circulation cooling, and so on.

CZPT attributes:

1. Motor matching, big variety of voltage regulation, lower fever, low noise, minimal electromagnetic interference, lengthy services daily life, and so on.

2. Using special CZPT industrial raw components (not a typical raw material) to fulfill higher and lower temperature all types of bad situations, this sort of as prolonged time ongoing use.

three. Personalized products can meet the special needs of buyers.

4. Solution parameter for normal parameters detailed previously mentioned.

Matters needing interest

*. When you use the merchandise by the enter electricity must guarantee the continual voltage and constant existing, without unique pointed out that the pink is good (or + for the anode), black for negative (or negative).

*. Remember to keep the solution import and export of cleanse, no impurity particles, permitted to have a tiny sum of water vapor, you should in the set up of filter gadget in and out of the port.

*. Non-experts split this solution is forbidden, for dismantling please beneath the guidance of professional employees in our firm spin-off.

Micro pump merchandise features: low sounds, corrosion resistance, higher pressure, self-priming top 5 m. medium temperature of 60 ºC. Allows dry working. Created-in force swap to shield the pump from currently being destroyed in the course of operation, the typical procedure of the built-in relief valve control pump. Easy to tear open outfit. Adopt secure minimal voltage, ensure the personal protection. The micro diaphragm pump product use: utilize to family drinking water pressurization, auto washing, ship ZheJiang water desalination. Suitable for reverse osmosis pure h2o device, h2o therapy products, filters, spray, chemical measurement of liquid and well being, environmental defense, printing and other industries

Mute Miniature Air Pump for Sale